Friday, October 19, 2012

Lunch Box #6

Has it really been over a month since I last posted??

Being a student is insane. Ever heard the phrase "Good grades, social life or enough sleep. Pick two."? I don't agree. I think it's pick one. Which is why I get little sleep, minimal social time, and grades not quite strong enough to get me into the physician's assistant program I aspire to do one day. This stresses me out. 

And so this Friday night, while my roommates are away, I am happily listening to music loudly while pants-less in our living room, eating an incredible Nutella mug cake topped with some leftover cream cheese frosting from few days ago. Solo nights feel good sometimes.

Here I am whining about not getting enough of a social life...while sitting by myself on a Friday night. I'm confusing to me too. No wonder I can't keep a boyfriend. Now I want a beer.

On that note, now that I've shown my awkward weirdo reality involving anti-social behavior and cake in cup, here's the lunchbox I've been meaning to put up for weeks.
Man, was it tasty.

Top left: Farmer's market grapes. Those somehow disappeared from my fridge in about 48 hours. Maybe it was the snacking I couldn't resist every time I entered the kitchen for those 48 hours...
Top right: Mango, kale and pumpkin seed salad. This is an amazing combo.
Bottom left: Barbecued tofu. One of my all time favorite tofu manipulations.
Bottom right: Two think hunks of smoked sharp cheddar cheese and a handful of cherry tomatoes.

Speaking of "awkward weirdo" moments, the one I've been suffering from recently is involving my most recent ex-boyfriend. Who I have classes with! Four. Days. A week.
Let that sink in. He broke up with me on a Tuesday, and I had class with him Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Can't I have a get out of class free card or something?
How could I not act like a weirdo in class with so many paranoid and one-directional thoughts swirling around in my head? He hurt my feelings, now we're not talking, and all I get is a stupid little wave and half smile.

Oh well. 

No more whining. Thanks for listening, internet. Time for me to forget the venting and go have a good day.

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  1. I related to this post SO HARD. Let's be veg-obsessed awkward weirdos together sometime soon.